Flat roofs/EPDM and SUPRIMA decks

Neptun LLC is a full-service construction company for new construction, roofing and remodeling projects. We are committed to managing all our projects efficiently, providing effective building solutions, adhering to timelines and budget, and providing unmatched customer service. We treat every project as a piece of art and like our work to speak for itself. We strive to complete each project with highest degree of excellence, leaving no detail unattended.

Looking for flat roofing Solutions?

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Looking for flat roofing solutions?

When it’s time to get in a new flat roof, Neptun LLC is ready to earn your business by optimizing your roof to your complete satisfaction. You can trust us not just for flat roof installations, but also for the repair and maintenance of the roof and its components.

Flat roofs/EPDM and SUPRIMA decks

Are you looking for a new flat roofing system for your home or commercial property? Obviously, you want one that is sturdy, durable and will keep your roof in good shape. There are several roofing materials available, some better than others. EPDM is one amongst them. EPDM stands for “ethylene propylene diene monomer” and is a durable rubber made from engineered polymers. However, you need proper installation to maximize its benefits. That’s where our expert roofers can make all the difference.

Neptun LLC also specializes in building custom decks, an outdoor living space you have always dreamt of. We make sure that the decks fit perfectly into the style and structure of your house, meet your needs and expectations. We also use top-quality materials that are easy to maintain and allow use throughout the year.